La Barberole

1st Prize

Developped by
CCHE Lausanne

Project owner
Ville de Bulle
La Mobilière

Area (SBP)
11’500 m2

Volume (SIA)
23’500 m2

Project: CCHE

The residence of « La Barberole » has 2 residential buildings with 12 apartments each.

The complex has a gorgeous location in a green zone with a side facing the Leman Lake and the other facing back towards the University of EPFL.

The 2 buildings rise up two storeys and the attics provide an extra floor with balconies and verandas. The entire structure is made of concrete, included the roofing. The concrete facade is covered by insulation made of roughcast with some square or rectangular windows.

The complex is granted Minergie©. It gets triple glazing and some solar panels on the roof provide hot water heating.

Between the buildings, a park offers a natural protected place for the residents and in the same time it’s sheltering an underground parking garage.

The residence granted a social diversity by ensuring a various apartments’ size made for families, couples or singles.