La Toula

1sr Prize

Developped by
CCHE Lausanne

Project owner
Ville de Bulle
La Mobilière

Area (SBP)
11’500 m2

Volume (SIA)
23’500 m2

Project: CCHE

The city of Bulle and La Mobilière conducted a special mandate to recover the site of “La Toula”, which is the last not-yet built up site bordering the downtown. Due to its specific location between the train station, the downtown and the commercial zone, the project was called “A la Croisée des Chemins“. The church and the mountains around overlook the site and offer to this place an exceptional character.

This project ties the complementarity of a living street, which is animating the downtown, with some more intimate spaces for the residential neighborhood. Two distinct spaces have been defined; the Place and the Parc, one vegetal and the other mineral to ensure the richness and the variety of the community spaces among the future residents and the local inhabitants.

The Place plays the role of strategic and symbolic site reminding the memory of the place, while the Parc offers a natural protected place for the residents.The site projects a high density for a mixed neighborhood with more than 130 accommodations, some commercial areas and offices, a medical center and a nursery.

The project ‘success is due to its urban approach and its eco-built environment and its integration in the urban fabric.